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Project Type: Entertainment, Artwork
Category: Event, Exhibition

Year: 2019
Veneu: Kaohsiung Music Center


2019 DigiWave - Treasure

The team received an invitation to participate in the DigiWave event and to work together with musician Lim Giong to create an installation and a performance.

DigiWave is a digital trend that talks about the development trend of digital industries in Kaohsiung City. Digi is the means, and Wave is the ideological trend, flow, and also communication. We hope that through DigiWave each year, we are able to ask the crucial question to an important issue in our lives. Communicating through technology and presenting through the forms of exhibitions and events, we hope to bright about the next wave in the progression of life.

This year, with ocean as our proposition, we introduced two exhibitions, two performances, and two themed markets. This series of performances and events include the themed exhibition 《大海裡的迴旋踢》 of the same name, which lets people experience the future sea world.-

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Seeing half of the beautiful seashell buried in the sand at the beach.

We always pick it up subconsciously, place it next to our ear, and, for some unknown reason, say that it’s the “Sound of the Sea.”

Shellfish are like the sculptures of God. From color, material to shape, they all contain pure, yet extremely complex constitution aesthetics.

This “Treasure” project is based on the deconstruction of the beauty of shellfish. These are taken from nature and using new media as the medium, these are re-translated into sounds and visuals.

2019 DigiWave - Treasure

Adviser: Kaohsiung City Government, Industrial Development Bureau
Organizer: Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Implementer: Taiwan academia industry consortium, Institute for Information Industry, 3080s Local Style
Curator: Chiu, Cheng-Han, Ruby Ting

Artwork by Ultra Combos

Live Audiovisual Performance

Producer : Jay Tseng
Generative Artist: Ke Jyun Wu, VJ Youji
Technical Execution: Wei-An Chen (@chwan1)
Visual Jockey: VJ Youji
Composer / Sound Mixing : Lim Giong
Disc Jockey: Lim Giong
Hardware Integration: CDPA


Producer: Jay Tseng
Generative Artist: Ke Jyun Wu, VJ Youji
Visual Editing: Ting-An Ho
Technical Execution: Wei-An Chen (@chwan1)
Installation Artist: Ta Chung Liu
Composer / Sound Mixing : Lim Giong

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