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“Blending aesthetics and technology
to create immersive experiences.”

Who we are

Hi there! We are Ultra Combos, a digital interactive design team straight out of Taiwan. Our team was formed by a group of adventurous professionals from various fields on the very last day of 2010. We believe that the synergies among different disciplines yield extraordinary creative works, and so we use digital content creation tools to blend together aesthetics, creativity, concepts, visuals, technologies, space installations, sounds, and other elements to come up with the creative works of our dreams.

What we do

Hmm… tough question. I guess our works speak for themselves. If you don't have much time, you may want to check out the Reel section, and if that still doesn't satisfy your curiosity, click on WORK for more information. There you will find that we do a wide range of things, from advertisements to pure art, and that our works are seen in various industries. However, we've listed our services below for your convenience.

Creative Content
  • Concept
  • Form
  • Storyline
Art / Design
  • Art Direction
  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphic
  • Space / Installations
  • UI / UX
  • Sound Design
Research / Delevopment
  • VR / AR / MR
  • Interactive Installations
  • Performing System 
  • Projection Mapping 
  • Generative Art 
  • Creative Use of Technology: Deep Learning

How we do it

Ok… maybe you are still unsure of what you can achieve with us. Don' t worry, that's normal because sometimes even we surprise ourselves by what we can actually provide. As you can see from our works, we collaborate across industries to provide innovative solutions. As some projects are so cutting-edge that there's nothing to base them on, we sometimes have to play it by ear and discover new methods and processes. Our rule of thumb is to be open to possibilities. So, why don't you just schedule a talk with us and we'll go from there?