The Eternal Straight Line _

Chieh-Hua Hsieh X Anarchy Dance Theatre

How does one prepare so that s/he
may come to terms with the death of a loved one?

Death is like a lake, in which one always looks toward the bottom, imagining a place where the soul wanders. Death is also like a black hole guarding the end of time, reciting the equality of all life. If one day we traverse on the light of technology through the borderline of life and change the meaning and form of death, enabling your loved ones to take on a digital form and remain forever with you, would this be something you’d accept?

A collaboration between the multidisciplinary choreographer Chieh-Hua Hsieh, technological art studio Ultra Combos, and light design studio We Do Group, The Eternal Straight Line is their latest project after their 2015-piece Second Body, and for the first time also features the work of cloud designer Shu-Yu Lin in defying physical movement through the dance of smoke between warmth and consciousness. As story-telling dancers weave through lights, shadows and mist, holding weightless, formless smoke in the form of weighted emotions, all come together in a provoking discourse of life and death that gazes forward into the depths of the future.

永恆的直線 _

謝杰樺 X 安娜琪舞蹈劇場



跨界編舞家 謝杰樺 聯手 科技藝術創作團隊「叁式」、燈光設計團隊「瓦豆」,繼 2015《Second Body》後最新力作。《永恆的直線》首度與 煙霧藝術家 林書瑜 聯手,挑戰物理動態,讓「煙」在溫度與意識間翩流起舞。帶著故事的舞者穿梭光影塵霧,攜手輕盈的煙,托起情感的重,共舞一曲直觀未來的生死思辨。


Anarchy Dance Theatre

Founded in 2010, Anarchy Dance Theatre uses contemporary dance theatre to express our concerns about people and life, by reproducing through movement the intricate power structures and personal relationships in today’s powerful social structures. Anarchy strives to create a dance training structure of its own, starting from awareness of the body, and reaching out to explore the relationships between time, space, objects and others, with the intention of increasing one’s own sensitivity.


成立於 2010 年,舞團名稱來自於 Anarchy 的音譯,以舞蹈劇場形式為創作核心,透過肢體再現當今強烈的社會結構中,微妙的權力結構與人際關係,表達對於人與生活的關心。安娜琪舞蹈劇場積極建構屬於自身舞蹈訓練結構,以肢體的覺察開始,逐漸探索與時間、空間、物體以及他人之間的關係,提升自我的敏感度。

Jeff Chieh-Hua Hsieh

Artistic director of Anarchy Dance Theatre. His works are composed of a special texture derived from his architecture background. In general, his works possess strong structural characteristics—a creative perspective dealing with time, space and energy together. Jeff’s distinguish works of choreography include Second Body (2015) and Seventh Sense (2011) that are mainly focusing on interactive dance performance. Those works has started to gain public attention, already being invited to several international festivals including Ars Electronica, TodaysArt Festival, George Town Festival and so on. Since 2015, he started to work with I-fen Tung to create a series of dance-installation “You Choreograph”, is trying to expand the expression form of dance beyond “performance”. He is also one of the director of opening ceremony of 2017 Summer Universiade.


謝杰樺在建築與舞蹈的雙重背景之下,其作品顯現獨特的創作思維。在他的作品中,獨特的空間概念以及鮮明的肢體風格成為其作品中最為人津津樂道的部份。著名的作品包括跨界科技作品《第七感官》(2011) 與《Second Body》(2015)。廣獲好評,曾獲奧地利林茲電子藝術節 (Arc Electronica)、荷蘭 TodaysArt 藝術節、馬來西亞喬治城藝術節 (George Town Festival) 等國際性指標藝術節邀請。2015 年起與編舞家董怡芬共同創作《日常編舞》舞蹈互動裝置系列作品,嘗試將舞蹈的展現形式延伸到『表演』以外。他也是 2017 台北世界大學運動會開幕典禮文化演出導演之一。

Ultra Combos

Ultra Combos is a digital interactive design team straight out of Taiwan. Our team was formed by a group of adventurous professionals from various fields on the very last day of 2010. We believe that the synergies among different disciplines yield extraordinary creative works, and so we use digital content creation tools to blend together aesthetics, creativity, concepts, visuals, technologies, space installations, sounds, and other elements to come up with the creative works of our dreams.

The scope of our projects includes software and hardware, business and art. We are active at the major art events, including TodaysArt of the Netherlands, World Stage Design of the United Kingdom, and Ars Electronica of Austria, etc. We have executed the marketing projects of well-known brands, such as BMW, Eva Air, Google, IKEA, Heineken, and Nike, and have participated in large performances and events, such as Qian Long C.H.A.O. (Creativity/Heritage/Art/Odyssey) New Media Art Exhibition at the National Palace Museum, 2018 Flora Expo in Taichung, Tanya Chua’s Concert, Marvel’s 10th anniversary exhibition (Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes), and the 30th Golden Melody Awards.


叁式為一個新媒體藝術與設計團隊,成立於 2010 年的最後一天,由一群熱愛實驗的各領域專業工作者組成。因為相信卓越的作品來自於不同領域間的化學反應,於是手著數位工具攪拌著美學、創意、概念、視覺、科技、空間、裝置與聲音等元素,將創新精神放在最前,打造內心憧憬的作品樣態。

作品橫跨軟體與硬體、商業與藝術,活躍於指標性之藝術活動,包括荷蘭 TodaysArt、英國 World Stage Design 與奧地利 Ars Electronica 等;曾執行如 BMW、Eva Air、Google、IKEA、Heineken、Nike 等知名品牌行銷專案;也曾參與故宮乾隆潮新媒體藝術展、 2018 台中花博、蔡健雅演唱會、Marvel 十周年特展與第三十屆金曲獎等大型活動展演。

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Creative and Production Team

Production:Anarchy Dance Theatre
Director / Choreographer:Jeff Chieh-Hua Hsieh
Production Consultant:Jessie Lin, PROJECT ZERO Performing Arts Management
Dance dramaturg:Xiang-jun Fan
Dancer:Shao-Ching Hung, Chun-Te Liu, Han-Hsing Kan,  Hsiao-Tzu Tien, Kuan-Jou Chou, Viktorija Semakaitė
Technology Coordination / Visual Design:Ultra Combos
-   Project Manager:Jay Tseng
-   Project Producer:Wei-An Chen (@chwan1)
-   Art Director:Lynn Chiang
-   Generative Art Designer:Ke-Jyun Wu
-   Visual Production:Hauzhen Yen, Ting-An Ho, Ayuan Deep
-   Programmer:Ke-Jyun Wu, Nate Wu
-   Technical Assistant:Herry Chang, Syu, Fang Jing, Chianing Cao, Alex Lu
Technical Coordination:We Do Group
-   Lighting Design:Dazai Chen, Yi-Hsin Chen
-   Technical Director:Jheng-kuan Lee
-   Audio Technical Director:CHOU Wen-Ming
Cloud Design:Shu-Yu Lin
Cloud Design Assistant:Wei Huang, Yu-Liang Lin
Sound Design:Yannick Dauby
Sound Operation:Nigel Brown
Costume Design:JUBY CHIU
Stage Manager:Hsiang-Ting Teng
Production Coordinator:Hsiao-Fan Tai
International Programs Coordinator & Marketing Promotion:AxE Arts Management
Key Visual Design:Shiun-Huan Lee


導演 / 編舞:謝杰樺
製作顧問:林家文、PROJECT ZERO Performing Arts Management
舞者:洪紹晴、劉俊德、甘翰馨、田孝慈、周寬柔、Viktorija Semakaitė
科技技術統籌 / 影像設計:叁式
-   專案管理:曾煒傑
-   專案製作人:陳韋安
-   視覺總監:江家伶
-   演算視覺設計:吳克軍
-   視覺製作:顏晧真、何庭安、鄭淵升
-   程式設計:吳克軍、吳思蔚
-   技術助理:張存宇、許芳境 、曹家寧、呂承翰
劇場技術統籌:瓦豆 We Do Group
-   燈光設計:陳大再、陳以欣
-   舞臺技術指導:李政寬
-   音響技術統籌:周文明
服裝設計:邱娉勻 JUBY CHIU
國際發展、行銷宣傳:AxE Arts Management
感謝名單:Antari 育安照明企業股份有限公司、何宥瑩、吳泓瑜、李佳儒、李亭諭、杜盈瑩(阡陌所)、林政勛主任(臺北市客家音樂戲劇中心)、林昭安教授、林哲立、林宓、秉冠有限公司、張善婷、張鈞賀、張哲己、許尚淵(民偉視訊工程有限公司)、許祐偉、陳佳伶、陳羲、陳彥蓉、彭家潔、陽翊軒、溫思妮、萬與仁、詹皓宇、廖苑喻、管翊翔、聚光工作坊、謝佑承、顏怡寧、羅逸珊

創作支持:衛武營國家藝術文化中心、TAIWAN TOP 演藝團隊年度獎助專案
場地協力:財團法人台北市客家文化基金會、臺北市藝響空間網、新北投 71 園區、表演 36 房永安藝文館
彩妝贊助:Laura Mercier


安娜琪舞蹈劇場  Anarchy Dance Theatre