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Project Type: Entertainment
Category: Event

Client:  Blue Sky Production
Year: 2016
Location: Taipei Arena

#Particle System 
#Point Cloud 
#Audio Visualization
#LED Matrix

Tanya Concert LEMURIA

Singer Tanya Chua's 2016 World Tour LEMURIA revolves around the myth that in ancient times the earth was stunningly beautiful and replete with abundance; disease and violence were absent. When disasters later struck, the Lemurians entered the center of the earth to protect our world. Chua is one of these messengers, who uses music to soothe human beings and teach us how to love with her voice.

We were responsible for the visual designs of the three electro-style opening songs: "Strange species" (異類的同類), "Aphasia"(失語者), and "Film"(菲林), as well as the ECODOT LED Display in "Blank Space" (空白格).

The Songs as the Essence

In the beginning of the creation process, the team talked about how the melodies and lyrics of the three songs made us feel and how they inspired us visually. We brainstormed and came up with a few keywords and put these words into context for the storyline and the aesthetics settings.

Particle System

We developed a particle system to faithfully represent our aesthetic ideas. Point clouds were utilized as the key component of the visuals, simulating smoke, wind, and fractals to create a dynamic, psychedelic ambiance. With the use of Kinect v2, we are able to retrieve the point cloud information from performers in real time, thereby simultaneously layering the performer's action on top of the pre-made particle landscape.


The storyline of "Strange Species" begins in a wasteland, and the traces of human existence are revealed one step at a time. We utilized aerial survey techniques to record landscapes in Taiwan, even going as far out as Penghu Island. We documented various forests, valleys, and abandoned buildings, and converted them into 3D landscapes.

Sound Visualization

Sound is the key ingredient in concerts. In order to better relate the images to the sound, we entered the data from the drums, vocals, and other instruments as three different sets of parameters to correspondingly alter the motion of the particles.


Fractals are replications of patterns that look exactly the same at every scale; its idea is simple yet itself is by nature complicated. To truthfully represent the nostalgic ambiance of  "Film", we zoomed in and out to create a time-travel feel and used photos Chua's from daily life to form fractals that were then interspersed into the 3D landscapes and the main visuals.


With "Blank Space" (空白格), we projected 3D images of the live performance onto a 3x3m and 10m height LED cubic column.

Tanya Chua LEMURIA Tour 2016 in Taipei

Concert Promoter: TERRA BREEZE
Artist Management: CRYSTAL RESONANCE
Concert Produced by BLUE SKY PRODUCTION
Director: Chang, Wen-Ling
Artist: Tanya Chua

Interactive Visual Produced by ULTRA COMBOS
Producer: Jay Tseng
Visual Script & Design: Lee, Wei-Tsung、Huang, Wei-Jhe
Interactive System & Generative Visual: Wu, SzuWei、Chen, WeiAn、Yang, ChiaHao
3D Scenes: Yang, ChiaHao、Chen, WeiTing、Chuang, TingFeng、Wang, JianJie
System Planning: Liu, WeiShen
Executive Assistant: Huang, Weiju
Film Editing: Ting-An Ho

Assistant to Director: Lin, I-Lun
Stage Manager: Snake Huang、Jiro Li、Evan Wang
Production Manager: Yang, Jia-Ming
Stage Design: Noodle Lee、Sam Lai、Liao, Chen-Liang│PLAYFUL STUDIO
Graphic Design: Yang, Hsiu-Min│SILLY CREATIVE
Lighting Design: Wu Yuilng │LUMI LIGHT STUDIO
Laser Design: Mac Huang │DENG YEE LASER
F.O.H Mixing Engineer: Hsia Chieh
Monitor Engineer: Chen, Jun-Hao
Project Director: Maggie Wang

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