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Project Type: Entertainment 
Category: Event

Client: Gogoro
Year: 2021
Location: App Store / Pop up store

App download link: Gogoro MixDance (iOS only)

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Gogoro MixDance

In the first quarter of 2021, Gogoro announced its newest model – VIVA MIX.

This model, with its “mixing” style core, offers six model colors, exclusive music, and personalized accessories, and makes riding a motorcycle become an extension of our lifestyle. It even created the character “Mix Anthropomorphism,” where the spirit of the motorcycle model is personified, so that as the public gets into the feel of the changing dance moves of the character, it also deepens their impression of the model.
  • Personality of the Model Becomes a Digital Fun Experience

Based on the “music,” “dance,” and “transformation” features of Mix Anthropomorphism, we selected a suitable digital carrier. In order for free dance movements after transformation, we chose the iOS ARKit human body tracking technology to allow users to be creative at any time through the App. At the same time, we have taken into consideration that the APP is only supported by the iOS system, we have also provided the public with a choice of experiencing the App at the “Club Mix Brand Concept Pop-Up Store.”

  • Transform through AR and Dance to the Music

Focus the rear camera lens on the friends who love to dance, MixDance will transform your friend with Mix Anthropomorphism using AR, allowing friends to sway with the music. Responding to the “personalization” and “lively” features of the model, the colors are taken from the samples of the colors on your friends’ clothes, and it also provides a variety of styles. It even has 25 random tasks set up, which will appear randomly during the filming process and test how creative everyone is within a limited time.

Interface Design

In order to present the key feature of “fun,” the most important task is for users to intuitively complete challenges. Therefore, we adopted the operating habits of the existing recording interface to simplify the experience process and reduce the learning curve for first-time users, which helps them quickly and intuitively participate in the activities and challenges.

User Flow

Filter Style

Instructional Page

The instructional page is the user’s first impression of the App. The rhythmic Mix Anthropomorphism along with the dialog box, and the vivid introduction method allow users to quickly and easily blend in with what they are experiencing. When trying to switch pages, in order to smoothly present continuous movements, the program automatically calculates the internal difference between the two actions, which allows the character to wander through each screen at will, and can switch pages any way the user desires!

Style Components

In its style, the Mix Anthropomorphism, which is composed of random parts from the Gogoro vehicle, must establish a corresponding relationship between “vehicle parts” and “human body structure.” After setting the style for the main body structure and the limbs, some geometric shapes are then added to randomly fill the gaps in the main structure. The colors of the components will also change by taking in the colors of the individual’s clothing to make the components attached to the body even more personalized.

Movement Detection

We used the latest body tracking technology to present the AR effects. In the design of the movements, we made the “composition” process livelier, when the screen detects the human framework, the components scattered in the air will quickly gather. After the user leaves the screen, the components will also lose gravity, be bounced back into the air, and float slowly.

AR Technology

In order to allow more people to experience it, two types of carriers, App and Kiosk, are provided.

The difficulty in making the character fit the user in the process is that the positions and numbers of nodes provided by the framework information on each platform are different, and the rigging methods on different models are also different.

The iOS App uses the framework information provided by ARKit to control the character, where through Meshing and Light Estimation, the virtual character is more so integrated with reality and the sense of immersion is enhanced. We have chosen Kinect V2 as the framework detection sensor for the kiosk, and the built-in Gesture for users to intuitively start the game with their body movements.

Visual Gesture Build training

Body Tracking

ARKit Body Tracking
Image Credit: Apple 

Making of

Gogoro MixDance

Chief Director:Gogoro Creative Team
Executive:Ultra Combos
Project Manager:Prolong Lai
Producer:Hoba Yang
Creative Director:Chianing Cao
Art Director:Lynn Chiang
Technology Director:Hoba Yang
Hardware Director:Prolong Lai
Programmer:Hoba Yang, Ke Jyun Wu
UI Designer:Lynn Chiang, Choong-Wei Ng
3D Object & Animator:Hauzhen Yen
Technical Assistant:Chia-Yun Song
Character Design:MIXCODE / Tim Tseng, Neil Lin
Music Design:YUNG BAE
Music Editor & Design:HYPERLUNG STUDIO / PONGO
Exhibition Design:KY-POST

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