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Project Type: Artwork, Entertainment
Category: Event, Exhibition

Year: 2020
Veneu: Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Center


2020 DigiWave - CeilToInt();

The team is lucky to be invited to plan the 2020 DigiWave CeilToInt(), which is a celebration focused on technology. We usually decline the commission to plan activities, hoping to focus our energy on creation and production. However, this event wanted to use the connection between “technology” and “celebration,” so we were tempted to take on this project. “Technology,” in all its aspects, has always been something the team paid a lot of attention to. Therefore, we were even more certain that the core momentum for the continuous advancement of technology is the imagination of the future. So, we proposed the concept of “CeilToInt()” as a tribute to the creators and practitioners who have never hesitated to take the step into their imagined future. We also hope to lead the visitors in experiencing the wonderful moments of stepping into the sci-fi worldview.

Regarding this concept, we raised four future events as questions:
“The moment when we are unable to recognize a machine from a person”;
“The moment when we can arbitrarily define what a body is” ;
“The moment when we cannot distinguish what is real and what is virtual”;
“The moment when we discover other civilizations in the universe”
and assumed that certain events or situations are caused by technology, and with that, we invited many outstanding works to be exhibited, while we executed a new workpiece called “Clairvoyance,” which connects the entire exhibition space, and is dedicated to all those who are passionate and who fantasize about the future.


In order to match the on-site temperament with our set topic “Sci-Fi,” we created a workpiece that pays tribute to all those with no hesitation about the future: Clairvoyance.

The term “clairvoyance” is a technical term, which refers to a special phenomenon where one can see some place far away, or even something in a different space and time, beyond our normal vision. We feel that this meaning appropriately describes all who have an endless curiosity about the distant future, and are constantly pushing the world forward with their imagination and technology. That’s why we used this gigantic video workpiece with this as the theme.

Clairvoyance is portrayed using the composition of images on the wide walls and the extra-long floors. The far side of the wall is the place far away where we yearn to see and the ground below our feet is the path on which we are traveling along. Through quickly jumping in magnitude in different spaces, times, and even dimensions, all the perceptions of the viewers are pulled into the experience of “rounding up,” and this workpiece is used to pay tribute to the dreamers.
To define the spirit of this piece of work, we wrote a few words:

There is a box up front. There is no time and space limitations in the box, just let your mind drift. What will appear is that other side or that unsolved mystery which you have never seen. Of course, there are also those known past or unknown future about yourself. In the end, when the image needs to stop, which moment would you choose to stay at?

Space Design

After stepping into the entrance of “CeilToInt()” and passing through a dark corridor, what awaits the visitors is a dark circle with no reflection at all. With nothing surrounding it, the circle, which has a mirror-like smoothness, floats right in the center up front of the visitors. From time to time, records of major technological advancements and events will be displayed on the mirror. This dark, black circle symbolizes the “singularity” of technology. What it declares is: from this current step onward, the viewer is about to take a leap away from the present time and space and start exploring the sci-fi space that continuously rounds up.

After passing through the corridor of technological singularity, the first thing that the visitors see up ahead is a vast and huge interactive workpiece: Clairvoyance.

The moment visitors enter the exhibition site, they will be detected by several infrared cameras that are set up on-site. At the same time, an image will be projected on the huge ground fused by 16 projectors. Numerous light-emitting detection symbols will quickly approach visitors’ feet, surrounding them. This creates a bizarre experience of being detected and locked instantly after “logging in” to the exhibition site, which breaks the visitors’ expectations of an ordinary exhibition from the very beginning.


Through the spatial planning co-created with Atelier Let’s for this exhibition, we hope to expand the structure and experience of clairvoyance to the extreme. For this reason, CeilToInt() has broken the most commonly-seen configurations in exhibitions and, therefore, the huge main path in the center of the exhibition site has been left empty, to let clairvoyance perform its immersive experience function. We used huge metal steel plates to enclose the four major areas around the exhibition, separating the four future event concepts, and respectively invited outstanding art exhibits and important items throughout the history of technological development from at home and abroad.

The moment when we are unable to recognize a machine from a person
For “The moment when we are unable to recognize a machine from a person,” we invited the popular Japanese virtual model “imma,” and the artist Zan-Lun Huang, who has been creating works on the subject of “The Mixture/Hybrid of Biology and Machine” for many years. His artwork “The Coin Operated Rocking Horse” is a metaphor of the huge destructive power of man-made objects.

The moment when we can arbitrarily define what a body is
“The moment when we can arbitrarily define what a body is” is a metaphor stating that when consciousness is the thing-in-itself, clothing and musical instruments can be regarded as extensions of the body. This area gathered together Bisiugroup’s self-made experimental musical instrument “Super Power Rocket,” as well as “The Cloud-Making Factory,” which is clothing designer APUJAN’s fantasy about fashion.

The moment when we cannot distinguish what is real and what is virtual
“The moment when we cannot distinguish what is real and what is virtual,” Brogent Global Inc. brought its immersive motion-sensing theater “XR Cinema,” breaking through the time and space limitations of the exhibition area with the VR equipment. And

The moment when we discover other civilizations in the universe “The moment when we discover other civilizations in the universe” is the remote thinking of the romance of space exploration. The workpiece “The Voyager Golden Record” in this area included the recordings of various sounds and images representing the culture and life on Earth that were sent to space by NASA in 1976. The “Escape to Earth: 100 Ways of Surviving on Earth,” by artist Teng-Yuan Chang, uses an animation installation where 100 segments are used as a guide-to explain the survival on Earth, while the “Core Sample” of OVERGROWN, a cross-disciplinary art team, acquires an ecological sample from the future and explores the potential energy that it generates.

Through such planning of the movement direction, the visitors will develop a traffic flow movement on their own. On the way to the four exhibition areas, they will inevitably pass through the central Clairvoyance again, and with their every step, they will construct a more flexible figure-eight traffic flow. This openly invites the visitors to stop and witness the depth of technology in images, arts, space, and even experience.


As a special exhibition for the public, suddenly having an in-depth discussion about sci-fi might seem somewhat distant for the general public. But in fact, people often come in contact with such themes through media, such as film and television, books, and comics, etc. Therefore, we cooperated with the Conservation Comics Shop “Booking” and filled the site with Sleepy Tofu mattresses to create a “Chill Study Room” that is full of sci-fi classics, allowing everyone to sit or lie down and enjoy the sci-fi imagination in the most comfortable positions. After a period of time, the light in the study room will dim, and sci-fi movies carefully selected by Giloo will be played. After each movie, post-screening forums are arranged, so that the audience will be able to absorb the sci-fi imagination from various cultures through the different types of media.

2020 DigiWave | CeilToInt();

Adviser: Kaohsiung City Government, Industrial Development Bureau
Organizer: Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Executive Organizer: Taiwan Academia Industry Consortium, Ultra Combos
Co-Organizer: FIRE ON MUSIC, LA RUE Cultural and Creative
Projector Sponsor : EPSON
Exhibitors : APUJAN, Amazing Show - Gobo, BROGENTGLOBAL, Chang Teng-Yuan, Huang Zan Lun, imma, OVERGROWN Group, Ultra Combos
Speaker : Chien-Hung Huang, Commute For Me, Godkidlla, Pi-Gang Luan, Ruru Shih, TENG Chao-Ming
Performer : Bisiugroup AmazingShow, , Elephant Gym, Fire EX., Kid King, Sorry Youth, The Fur.
Sponsors : BOOKING, Giloo, Gramovox, Sleepy Tofu, UGLY HALF BEER

Curator : Jay Tseng
Project Manager : Tim Chen
Marketing & PR Coordinator : Ichiu Chao, Elma Wu
Copywriting Coordinator : Jay Tseng
Art Director : Ting-An Ho
Visual Design : A Step Studio, ACnD, Chianning Cao, Chia-Yun, Song, MS YU
Spatial Design : Atelier Let's - Ta-Chi Ku, Yi-Shan Hsieh
Spatial Construction : U.U DESIGN - Ya-Pei Chang, Chun-Chih Yang
Exhibition Planning, Copywriting and Editing : Jay Tseng, Chianning Cao, Stella Tsai, Chia-Yun Song
Curator Personnel : Isa Sung, Myling Ho, Wanting Chi
Administration & Operation : Joyce Huang
Exhibition Executor Team : Chianning Cao, Myling Ho, Isa Sung, Chia-Yun Song, Chia-Wei Lin, Cheng-Fang Hsieh, Olivia Yu, Nancy Wang, Sunny Tseng, Annie Chen, Nina Chen
Technology Director : Herry Chang, Alex Lu
Programming : Herry Chang
Hardware Engineering : Rayme Solution, FEBLOW PRODUCTION, XiaoXiao Laser
Exhibition Photographer : Yi-Hsien Lee, Guei-Jhen Yan, Lilly Hsu
Exhibition Videographer : M.Synchrony, Ting-Yi Chuang
Special Thanks : Chiu ChengHan, Jia-Lun Chang, William Liu, Wayne Wang, Prolong Lai, Hung-Pei-Shan, Patty Lu, Miao Lu, Syu Fang-Jing


Producer : Ke Jyun Wu
Art Director : Ting-An Ho
Motion Graphics : Ting-An Ho, Ke Jyun Wu, 1000 Cheng, Mal Liu
Interaction System Design, Execution : @chwan1
Programming : Chia Reng Tsai
Sound Design : Zhen-Yang Huang (Triodust)
Strings : Chun-Yu Lung (Joy Music)

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