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Project Type: Event
Client:  Google
Location: ATT SHOW BOX
Year: 2014


Youtube Pulse

Ultracombos this time works as the film production crew in the annual seminar YouTube Pulse hosted by Google in Taiwan. We mainly design the opener, title, transition, bumper, and the visual of the ending performance as well as stream them during the seminar. The seminar sorts out the popular ways nowadays to increase the views and the popularity of online videos, aids the streamers and the brands on YouTube creating more eye-catching and profoundly touching content of the videos. By inviting the popular creators of the YouTube videos and sharing their successful experiences, YouTube Pulse brings the participants significantly informative content during the event.

叁式本次參與 YouTube 一年一度影音盛會「YouTube Pulse」,主要負責視訊整合規劃、影音視覺設計、開場/閉幕多媒體演出、影音監控以及系統整合等。 在本次盛會中分享能提高點閱、掀起話題的 3C 影音製作方法–匯集 (Curate)、合作 (Collaborate)、創造 (Create),協助品牌創造出更吸睛、觸動消費者內心的影音內容。更藉由影音行銷成功案例,強調優質 YouTube 影音行銷宣傳,即能迅速觸及目標客群,創造人氣話題!

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