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Project Type: Exhibition 
Client: Marvel Studio │ Beast Kindom
Location:  新光三越 SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI A9/A11
Year: 2015

#Projection Mapping

Marvel Exhibition: Iron Man Army
漫威超級英雄特展 ─ 鋼鐵軍團

Ultra combos collaborates with Beast Kingdom Toys building the projection mapping project "Iron Man Arsenal 3D projection mapping". With the 1:1 Iron Man sculpture, we use the mapping technique to recreate the Iron man troop in the movie "Iron Man 3".

叁式本次與野獸國玩具合作,共同打造了一個鋼鐵人投影劇場《鋼鐵軍團3D光雕》。在鋼鐵人第三集中,鋼鐵軍團大舉出動,利用原廠 3D 模型打造真實比例鋼鐵人,透過物件投影技術(Projection Mapping),一同觀賞鋼鐵人的科幻世界。

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