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Project Type: Event & Branding 
Client:  海尼根 | Heineken
Location: 克堤大樓廣場 Kelti International
Year: 2013


Heineken Time Traveler

To celebrate Heineken's 140th birthday in Taiwan, we created a time travel interactive booth in the heart of the Taipei city. It takes you travel through time to explore the magic of Heineken. The interactive booth is 6 meters wide 3 meters height 3 meters depth, with 3D projection mapping on surrounded walls to provide a real time travel experience. During the interaction, you will use the latest control device – leap motion, to explore the magic of Heineken in 140 years. Once the time travel is finished, a live message is posted on your facebook to announce your journey. You will also get an exclusive bottle of Heineken with your name on it as souvenir.

叁式與米蘭數位合作製作海尼根 140 周年活動中的互動裝置,透過環場互動體驗的方式,使得參與者了解海尼根的製酒奧秘。 此互動裝置為寬六公尺高三公尺深四公尺大小的環場 3D 投影空間,參與者透過目前最受矚目的感應器 Leap motion 進行手勢互動,體驗結束後,將參與者的旅程資訊張貼於 Facebook 塗鴉牆,並贈送一罐含 Facebook 姓名的限量紀念鋁罐。

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